Fear and Euphoria

What a rollercoaster ride. A couple of weeks ago I began to think that the market was showing signs it was tired after an incredible multi-week run to the upside. So I tightened my stops and lightened my trading. Consequently, I got stopped out of many good positions. But many earning announcements continue to beat estimates and I realize that I have been shaken out of many good trades out of fear.
The AAPL earnings report started a kind of euphoria in the market, but not every company is like AAPL. Quite a few stocks have been sold off when their earnings meet or come in below expectations.
The key here is not to let either of the two extreme emotions dictate how I trade, but rather concentrate in good setups.
What I am going to do now is to screen for companies that traditionally beat expectations and that have strong fundamentals. I will be looking for over done pullbacks that offer good Reward / Risk entries and not let the euphoria make me chase stocks that are getting exhausted.

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