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I wanna trade the futures

I have been studying the E-mini S&P 500 and have dipped my toes a couple of times to test the waters. Trading this contracts is very different because of their leverage. I still have to get used to the precission one must have with entries because a one point move carries a $50 jump in my account. And 1 point is merely a ~0.1% move of the market. I realized that to be successful I needed to trade only at key price levels. And to know those key prices I needed to do my homework ahead of the market Continue reading

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Risk Management Pt 5

In previous posts I talked about position sizes and Reward / Risk ratios as important aspects of any Risk Management methodology for traders. Today I am going to share with you how I use these concepts in my trading with a specific example. Continue reading

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Order Flow Observations and Trade Entries

Looking at a chart will give you the traded price action, but it does not show you orders that have not been filled yet. L2 data can give you additional insight of supply and demand levels. Continue reading

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