Stock Trade Journal




Import Trades


There are two excel formats that the Stock Trade Journal can import from: Tradestation and an STJ Format.

If you have a TradeStation account, sign in and select "Trades & Other Transactions" under Account Services -->Balances, Positions and Activity. Choose a date range you wish to download transactions for and select excel as the file format. When prompted, save the excel file on your desktop.

Another option is to use the STJ Template to create a transaction list that the Stock Trade Journal can understand. Look for the ImportTemplate.xlsx read only file in Programs--> StockTradeJournal and open it using Excel (or download it at There are four example transactions you can follow as you copy your own transaction data. Then Save as a regular (.xls) excel file on your desktop giving a name you can easily find.

 Now, select "Import" under the File menu and choose between "TradeStation" or "STJ Template." When prompted, navigate to your desktop and choose the excel file you saved in the previous step. Click open to begin the import process.

The Stock Trade Journal will display a dialog to alert you when it is done at which point you can write notes or use the analysis section to generate reports and statistics on the imported trade data.

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