Stock Trade Journal

About Stock Trade Journal

Stock Trade Journal was designed to aid stock traders plan and fine tune their strategies.

Successful traders keep a journal of their thought process and transactions as a tool to understand and validate their strategy. Keeping a journal allows traders to regularly analyze performance and see how it relates to market trends or position sizes. It helps bring objectivity and discipline to traders and allows for the discovery of good and bad trading strategies and improve performance.

Designed by a trader for a trader

Stock Trade Journal was designed by a trader for a trader.

 "I decided to write the software as I was tired of keeping spreadsheets, notebooks and generating charts and tables with different applications. I wanted an application that not only helped me plan my trading day and organize trade information, but I also wanted the ability to search through my transactions and quickly see my performance. Now, I can easily identify what is and is not working and make changes in my trading strategy and habits."

Jaime Valenzuela

Easily identify what trading strategies and thought processes that work. Generate performance charts for a given date range.

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