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Q: How do I update the software


Select Backup under the File menu at the top of the window.
Choose a location to save the file such as your desktop.
Give a name to the backup file.
Click Save.

Uninstall the previous version by going to the Control Panel and selecting Programs and Features (Select Add/Remove programs on XP.)

Look for the Stock Trade Journal entry and uninstall.
Download the installer at:
Extract the files and double click on the setup.exe.

To restore the database with your trades and notes:

Select Restore from the File menu at the top of the window.
Dismiss the reminder to backup the database. You’ll get a chance to cancel in the next step if you haven’t done so.
Navigate to the location where you previously backed up the file (Like your desktop.)
Click open.


Q: How do I use the Stock Trade Journal

A: In general, here is how Jaime uses it:

1)      The day before: I pick the stocks from my watch lists that are more likely to move the next day both to go long and short. I then go to the Diary tab and choose tomorrow’s date and write two categories, Long and Short. Under each I write the ticker symbols and the entries and exits for each trade. If you will, I spell out all the “What If” scenarios. I also document the earnings release date for each ticker and other relevant data (I am a position and swing trader.) I also keep goals to be achieved at the very top of that entry. I might have themes that I want to work on for a week or longer, in which case I copy them to each day as a reminder.

2)      During the trading day I follow my notes from the Diary and write down key information about my psychology (mood, energy level etc.), the market itself (market trends, key news, etc.) and URLs to articles or resources.

3)      When I enter a trade, I immediately turn to the Trades tab and add the trade data (quantity, price, cost, stop loss, market direction, etc.) and add a note about how I executed the trade (did I hesitate, get in too early, missed an important indicator reading etc.)

4)      When I exit a trade I immediately write a Trade note describing the execution, reasons for exit or market information. I then enter the Transaction data to close the trade (quantity, etc.)

5)      I use the Analysis portion of the software every weekend. Usually it is on Saturday when I review the stats. I also export the transaction list to an excel spreadsheet for tax purposes every quarter.

6)      On Saturdays, I also go through each Diary entry in the journal for the week and figure out which areas need improvement and which areas I am doing well to try to exploit in the future. Both in the Psychological realm, trade execution and interesting setups or market conditions.

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