June performance

June was a really crazy month for me on the personal side as I moved to another city. In the midst of the move I also got a chance to attend the LA trader expo in Pasadena and met some great people.
During the month of June I only entered into 4 trades. It was rather quiet as I didn’t see many opportunities to trade. I had two quick short setups that made a little money and two long setups where I still have 1/3 of their positions in play with an ATR trailing stop.
I also exited a position in gold via DGP which I entered last month for a bit of profit, but not enough to offset the losses last month. As usual, below are the stats and equity curves for the month, May-June and cumulative performance beginning Dec 09 when I began to twitter my trades.
I am very happy that I didn’t over trade this month either and it shows in the results.¬†All of the trades I made were profitable. Also, I have been looking at all the setups I have traded and have included some snapshots of those stats. Knowing how I am trading setups is proving to be extremely helpful. I’ll elaborate on that in a future post.

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