Monthly Archives: January 2010

Performance Analysis

At the end of every month I take a look at my journal entries and analyse my trading performance. This month my performance was poor. The main reason was that I failed to sell short. I noted in my journal both last week and the week before that selling short was clearly the trade but failed to do so. Continue reading

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Moving Averages, Crossing and Other Observations.

Many stocks I monitor that had been trading above their 20 and 50 DMAs are now trading below these averages. Also, I am seeing these two averages cross on some charts. Since the price actions is below these averages, the odds that they will serve as resistance is high in my opinion. Continue reading

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Change in the game?

I have been noticing a change in the game. The flag, wedge and other consolidation patterns on momentum stocks are begining to fail and reverse quickly after attempting to break out. What is more, I have noticed large sell orders coming in to several of the momentum stocks I watch. Continue reading

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Order Flow Observations and Trade Entries

Looking at a chart will give you the traded price action, but it does not show you orders that have not been filled yet. L2 data can give you additional insight of supply and demand levels. Continue reading

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