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Improving trading performance

Trading is simple and yet it is difficult to do it well. To trade well one must have a good understanding of the market as well as self discipline. And there is nothing better than objective observation to achieve that. The problem is that it is also very difficult to observe objectively as not only do we have expectations, opinions and biases, but we are also constantly bombarded by the opinions of others through the media. However, a trader can objectively analyze their performace through a formal documentation and analysis framework. Continue reading

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Risk Management Pt 4

Managing risk in trading is all about keeping losses small and your winners big. In the previous post I talked about how to calculate Reward : Risk in a trade and that the aim is to only enter trades that offer at least 3:1. In other words aiming for gains that are at least three times the losses. I (in the first post) also talked about parameters to choose your position sizes according to skill level (proven edge), trading capital and type of account. Next is to determine the number of shares for a new position. Continue reading

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Performance Analysis

At the end of every month I take a look at my journal entries and analyse my trading performance. This month my performance was poor. The main reason was that I failed to sell short. I noted in my journal both last week and the week before that selling short was clearly the trade but failed to do so. Continue reading

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